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Oak Lodge

Primary School

Cherishing Children and their Futures

Respectful. Resilient. Resourceful.

School Values

Our ultimate goal is to develop well rounded children who have curious, inquisitive minds, self-belief and a love for learning through high quality teaching. We want the children to be able to make informed choices and know that they can make a positive difference to society through their choices and actions, whether this be on a personal, community or wider scale.  When children leave Oak Lodge we want them to be well-prepared in all respects for the next stage in their education and well-equipped with the life skills for their future

By living our school values on a daily basis, we believe that all children at Oak Lodge can meet this goal and make a positive difference to society.  Our school values are  Respect, Morality, Enquiry, Adaptability, Communication, Resilience, Thoughtfulness and Cooperation.



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